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Welcome to the Sindi IoC Container official documentation!

This guide will explain you what you can achieve with Sindi and how to do so, but it won’t explain you why/how using IoC to achieve a well crafted modular architecture.

If your looking for an introduction to IoC, here is some resources that might be of interest to you:

If you already know an other IoC/DI framework, you should keep in mind that Sindi take a different approach than others traditionals frameworks.

In this regards please take a look at the wiki page “How does Sindi compare with X?” before continuing your reading here.

The framework is composed of two main artifacts:
  • sindi-core: A library providing IoC functionalities
  • sindi-compiler: A compiler plugin that resolve and check dependencies during compilation

The compiler plugin is totally optional, you can use Sindi without it but you’ll miss some very helpful feature and unfortunately, you take the risk of having your application crashing at runtime due to missing dependencies.

Every features who are specific to the usage of the compiler plugin are clearly mentioned as such in this guide.

It can be handy to have a small project to experiment with Sindi while reading this documentation, give a look at the wiki page “Download” to integrate Sindi in a SBT or Maven project.

You can find a ready to use project with all examples used in this guide here.

And now let’s familiarize with Sindi’s core concepts!